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Considered as a solid mineral in chemistry, crystal consists of ions, molecules and atoms that are sated in repeating pattern extending in three spatial dimensions. Generally, it goes through a method called solidification.
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On idyllic situations, the aftermath is only in a single hard form. However, there are a lot that are simultaneously created during the process. When it comes to its usage at this juncture, it has turned out to be an important element in the world of fashion.

Before going into the present value of

crystal, it is but rightful to look into its history. Archaeologists have discovered in barrows and graves in Africa, Europe and Russia as well as in the Middle East, jewelries that were made of amber, carnelian, garnet, jet, lapis, quartz and turquoise, among the others. They believed that those items excavated were amulets and talismans that were utilized as protection. It was also thought that it indicated their religious practices as some were found to have shapes of various animals which were probably symbols of totems. There were also some that were for adornments such as necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

The worth that was given to a crystal at those periods were evident by its placements in the tombs. It was intended to go with the departed soul that will assist them in their next life. Similar to what the Chinese observes, when someone in the family dies, they make any miniature object such as a car or house and cremates it together with the corpse because they deem that it will be of huge help after their existence here on earth. Not only was it brought together with the dead, it was also revered as what was shown in their solar temple called Newgrange. There is this ancient passage vault in the Boyne Valley of Ireland which way older than the pyramids. It was constructed so that the rays of the sun would get into the 70- foot- long entrance tunnel on the Winter Solstice. The roof was formerly covered with white quartz representing the White Goddess.

Mitchell- Hedges is the best known crystal skull. It was said that she was the one who found it out in Guatemala but there were also others who claimed that she procured it in London. The purpose of it remained to be anonymous however, some testified that as they spent moments with it, they had experiences that were mystifying. Upon seeing it, people will surely fall by how it looks. It is lovingly carved with a surface that is perfectly smooth. With rainbows that flash from its interiors, it could be a great gift. Albeit the person who will be receiving it will definitely say that it does exhibit some kind of weird energy.